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Ergonomics and individuality: find the perfect keyboards for office and gaming

Whether for work or play – the right keyboard is the key to success

It is easy to forget about peripherals when purchasing a new PC or upgrading your rig. The keyboard is a direct interface between man and machine – and is, therefore, an essential component. First of all, you should think about what the keyboard will mostly be used for. There are two main categories: gaming keyboards and office keyboards.

Office keyboards are usually compacter, simpler and are designed to ensure comfort when typing, whereas gaming keyboards are optimized for gaming. Other differences include the types of keys (rubber domes or mechanical) and the connection port (wired or wireless). When purchasing a new keyboard you consider the following features:

  • Ergonomics: a specially adapted design for comfortable typing?
  • Keys: rubber domes or mechanical?
  • Palm rest: Which size? Fixed or removable?
  • Lighting: Available? Adjustable?
  • Special keys: Available? Replaceable?
  • Labelling: It is important for the keys to be easily legible
  • Extras: Splash-proof/ programmable buttons / USB or headphone ports
  • Connection: USB or wireless?

These are the most important points to keep in mind when purchasing a keyboard – both for office and gaming keyboards. Recommended models are available from trusted, brand-name manufacturers such as Logitech, Sharkoon, Cooler Master or Microsoft. The features you choose depend on what kind of keyboard you are looking for: gaming keyboards or office keyboards. 

Perfect office keyboards

Most of the working day is spent at the computer, so it is advantageous to have a keyboard that is comfortable to use. Particularly practical are our keyboard and mouse sets, in which the individual input devices have been developed for full compatibility. A shelf to rest your hands on is of great advantage when you are typing for long periods of time.

Some keyboards have unusual shapes and require a little getting used to. Such models are created through elaborate ergonomic testing and this pays off in the long run. These models often feature unconventional designs – both for the form of the keyboard and the keys. Mechanical keys are growing in popularity. These offer a novel typing experience, which, for some, is more pleasant than traditional rubber dome keys. Rubber dome keys have their own benefits – they are cheaper and often quieter than mechanical keys. Mechanical keys take some getting used to, so it is advised that you test one out in advance, so that you know whether it is for you. Brown or blue switches are suitable for writing.

Most office keyboards are wireless, to prevent tangled cables in the workplace. You can also position the device freely, for more comfortable use. Splash-proof keyboards are a great advantage, as they are protected against minor water damage, such as a spilt drink.

Keyboards with USB ports plus microphone and headphone jacks are recommended, freeing up slots on your PC and meaning you no longer waste time searching for a free port. Keyboards with multimedia keys will be appreciated by those that like to listen to music or watch films on their PC.

Perfect gaming keyboards

Gaming keyboards commonly feature unconventional designs. Gaming keyboards often have a martial design so that they stand out from the crowd and appeal to the target group. But looks alone won’t help you win the race or dominate in battle.

Gaming keyboards play out their strength in flexibility. Gaming keyboards feature programmable keys, allowing games and tools to be started directly or motion sequences to be carried out, giving you a strategic advantage. Illumined keys are of particular advantage on gaming keyboards, especially in bad lighting. The brightness can often be adjusted and different areas of the keyboard can be activated. With RGB lighting, the buttons on your gaming keyboard can be illuminated in different colours.

Interchangeable buttons are another highlight gamers. You can change the caps to suit you, depending on whether you are writing or gaming. Mechanical gaming keyboards also have gaming-optimized switches, marked with red or black.

Conclusion: strike the balance between ergonomics and features

You should ask yourself a few questions before you choose your keyboard:

  • What am I going to use my keyboard for- am I looking for gaming keyboards or something for the office?
  • What kind of ergonomic design do I need?
  • Do I need any special connections ports?

Good, gaming keyboards last many years, so it’s important to think about the last point carefully. If the PC is used for work and play, then our high-quality gaming keyboards are a worthy investment.

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    • 800 x 300 mm
    • Two-layers
    • 510g
    • Illuminated RGB
    • Water resistant
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    • 900x400mm
    • Height 2.5 mm
    • Weight 680g
    • Two layers
    • Dark blue/​red, Image, Logo
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    • Lieferumfang: Tastatur (SGK30), Maus (SGM2)
    • Layout: DE
    • Verbindung: kabelgebunden, USB 2.0
    • Abtastung (Maus): LED-rot/​IR 6400dpi
    • Besonderheiten: mechanische Tastatur, beleuchtet (RGB)
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    • 900x400mm
    • Height 2.5 mm
    • Weight 680g
    • Two layers
    • Black/​light green, Image, Logo
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    • 930 x 400 mm
    • Height 4 mm
    • Weight 914g
    • Two layers
    • Water resistent
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    • 920 x 294 mm
    • Height 3 mm
    • Weight 560 g
    • Two layers
    • RGB Illumination
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    • Delivery: Mouse & Keyboard
    • Lighting: Multi-Color (RGB)
    • Connection: wired (1.6m), USB
    • Dimensions: 48,45 x 20,68 x 2,9mm
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    • 900 x 440 mm
    • Height 3 mm
    • Weight 695g
    • Two layers
    • Asus design
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