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How can I pay?

Megaport, your online store for custom PC systems, laptops, and hardware offers a variety of payment options for your convenience.

Payment by Debit Card

Simply enter your bank card details and pay quickly and easily with your debit card. Our site is SSL-encrypted for maximum payment security. We do not charge for debit card payments.

Payment by Credit Card

We do not charge for credit card payments. Please check for any extra charges levied by your credit card provider.

Pay with PayPal

PayPal ensures fast, and secure payments for convenient shopping online. PayPal keeps your information safe, for your peace of mind when buying anything on the net. Simply enter your login details and order.

Pay with AmazonPay

With Amazon Pay, you can use the billing and shipping information stored in your Amazon account to shop quickly and securely on all websites that support Amazon Pay. Shop online conveniently without having to re-enter your details or leaving the seller's website thanks to Amazon Pay.

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