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High End Gaming PC Intel i9 Battlebox II

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High End Gaming PC Intel Core i7 Battlebox II for Hardcore Gamers

The High End Gaming PC Intel Core i7 Battlebox II by Megaport is a Gaming PC masterpiece. The premium configuration starts with the case. Its asymmetric design and RGB light will give any gaming rig a welcome upgrade, and help create that sought-after gamer ambience. Panels of tempered glass on the side and front make it easier than ever to show off your impressive hardware to your friends.

A strong heart for your powerful gaming PC – the Intel Core i7-11700K

If the processor is the heart of your Gaming PC, then this extremely powerful CPU will set Gamers’ hearts racing. Hailed by many as the best mass market processor for gaming, the Intel Core i7-11700K delivers a speedy base clock frequency of 3.6 GHz, accelerating to an ultrafast 5.0 GHz in turbo mode. If this isn’t quick enough, then this CPU is also suited for overclocking, although this should only be attempted by experienced gamers.

Powerful components generate a lot of heat, and therefore an optimal cooling system is required. We install the Ben Nevis Cooler by trusted manufacturer Alpenföhn in this Gaming PC.  Its asymmetric design ensures ultimate compatibility, whereas the cone fan strikes the perfect balance between quiet operation and optimal cooling performance. This processor will keep your CPU and gaming system optimally cool, even when you put it under pressure, ensuring maximum longevity for your hardware.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB Graphics Card - Perfect for High Performance Players

The jewel in the crown of this premium Gaming PC is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB Graphics Card. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series is arguably the most advanced graphics chip on the mass market for gaming. The 30 series is based on Ampere architecture, for incredibly high definition, Artificial Intelligence enhanced graphics performance. It features next generation graphics technology, such as real time ray tracing, the physically accurate mapping of light paths, and Variable Rate Shading, which increases the detail in your games. Experience your games as the makers intended: stunningly realistic and breathtakingly immersive. 12 GB graphics memory will ensure that even the most complex textures load incredibly quickly, for smooth, fluent gameplay.

Memory, memory, and even more memory

To fulfil the performance potential of your Gaming PC as much as possible, sufficient memory capacity is required. This PC is equipped with 32 GB DDR4 RAM, perfectly optimised for overclocking thanks to a pure aluminium heat spreader and an eight level PCB. Each module is individually tested for its performance potential to ensure maximum quality. The unique design of the Vengeance heat distributor draws heat away from the modules and directs it into the cooling path of the system, so your PC stays cool even during the most intensive gaming sessions. A 1 TB Samsung M.2 SSD is also included, to speed up system starts and programme load times.

Make it yours. Customize your Megaport Gaming PC

At Megaport, we do our best to tick all the boxes when designing our PC configurations. But we know that Gamers know best which configuration will suit their needs. No need to compromise - with our Online PC Configurator you can quickly and easily adapt the Battlebox II to your personal preferences. Our competent, expert support team are here to help along the way.


High End Gaming PC Intel Core i7 Battlebox II

The brute multicore performance of the processor combined with one of the best graphics cards from NVIDIA let you play all games at the highest settings. Even 4k or VR gaming are no challenge for the Battlebox, because we really thought of everything. A huge M.2 SSD and massively fast RGB memory support your system in all aspects and do not slow it down in any way. In addition, an RGB water cooling system is installed to cool the power of the high-performance processor properly. For a long life gaming pleasure, a powerful cooling is of great advantage! The water cooling convinces with noise-optimized cooling technology and flawless cooling properties. It provides the ultimate cooling, even during hours of sessions of the most demanding games and applications. The colors of the RGB lighting you can also customize at will with the right software. There's simply nothing left to be desired here!

Windows is also pre-installed!

If you order it with your PC, then we also install the original Windows license directly on your system. Then it will be updated and activated by us, so you are ready to go! As soon as you receive your computer, you can start with ease and experience grand gaming of the top league!

Tailored High End System

You still have other ideas about your perfect gaming PC? Thanks to our PC configurator with live compatibility check, you can design your system just the way you want! And if you have any questions about your new Battlebox, don't hesitate to contact our expert in-house support. He will be happy to help you with your concerns!


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