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Arm yourself for the ultimate gaming experience with a Megaport Gaming PC Bundle

A Megaport Gaming PC Bundle comes with all the necessary accessories to set up the perfect gaming rig. Our bundles offer a complete, Gaming PC Package with an optimal price/performance ratio. Order from the comfort of your home and your bundle will arrive within a matter of days. Setting up a powerful gaming PC has never been so easy.

Megaport Gaming PC Bundle – Gaming Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor Included.

You will receive a complete Gaming PC Bundle including a matching mouse and keyboard. Also included in the bundle is a top quality PC monitor of high enough calibre to do your new, powerful PC justice. Our high quality monitors, produced by trusted, brand name manufacturers such as Samsung, ASUS, Ben Q and AOC are set apart by their fast response times and their high contrast ratios. Experience the quality of our powerful Gaming PCs yourself and order one today. Take a look at our extensive range of Gaming PC Packages and choose the perfect rig to meet your gaming needs. Simply order, plug in and you’re ready to game.  

It’s always the right time to buy a Gaming PC Package. Be prepared for upcoming gaming highlights.  The last few years have seen an explosion of new game releases, each demanding more complex graphical performance than ever before. Well known manufacturers such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Capcom and Activision Blizzard have already released big hits – and there is so much more to come. With top titles such as Anno 1800, Middle-earth: Shadows of War and Assassins Creed Origins ready for you to dive into, further highlights are still to come such as Wolfenstein: Young Blood, plus the latest instalments off the classic Call of Duty and FIFA series. As well as these hot new releases, the popularity of online games such as Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUPG), Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and Minecraft are continually growing. With so much going on in the gaming world, there has never been a better time to invest in a top quality Gaming PC bundle from Megaport.

In order to ensure that you are prepared to take on even the most demanding new releases, it is worthwhile investing in a powerful Gaming PC from our selection of Gaming PC Packages. We install only the best quality, brand name components in our PCs so you can rest assured that your rig is more than capable of delivering the breathtaking graphics that the latest games are capable of, and the speed required to give you a competitive edge. Our branded GPUs, CPUs, RAM and motherboards will ensure that your new Gaming PC Bundle is future proof, so you can enjoy all the gaming hits for years to come.

Every Gaming PC Bundle needs a high performance graphics card

To get the best graphics performance out of your Gaming PC Bundle, a high performance graphics card from NVIDIA is recommended. A NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card with 6 GB video memory is the minimum requirement to do justice to your powerful gaming PC. For those gamers who require more performance from their gaming computer, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 with 8GB video memory are recommended as they are highly future proof and deliver stunning graphics.

But if you want cutting edge graphic performance for your gaming PC then you should look no further than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card series. Based on the new Turing architecture, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series delivers the latest achievements in graphics technology to make your gaming experience more realistic and immersive than ever before. As well as real time ray tracing, these graphics cars utilize AI and advanced shading technology for clear, crisp graphics and lifelike gameplay. The RTX series graphics cards are equipped with ultrafast GDDR6 memory, ensuring maximal frame rates, even in the highest graphics settings. When you purchase one of our PC bundles, a high quality monitor is included so that you get the full, breathtaking effect of these graphics as soon as your PC arrives.

Maximum Processor Power for Complex Computing

Even the best graphics card is nothing without a processor that can keep up. An Intel i5 processor is a solid base to ensure you will be able to take on all of the upcoming gaming hits. The Core i5 contains four cores with up to 3.50 GHz (3.90 GHz in turbo mode). Based on the newly upgraded Coffee Lake architecture and equipped with an Intel 1151 socket, this processor is well in tune with the times. Those gamers who need more performance and a higher FPS rate from their gaming PC would be better suited with an Intel Core i7. The i7 boasts similar specifications to the i5, but with a base clock speed of 4.20 GHz, reaching 4.50 GHz in turbo mode, this CPU is a lot snappier. At the top of the tree is the king of modern processors, the i9. By far one of the fastest gaming CPUs available on the mass market, this hyper threaded, octa-core processor delivers a base clock frequency of 3.6 GHz, clocking a staggering 5GHz in turbo mode.

Team AMD’s current Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 series CPUs also offer outstanding performance with their respective 6 and 8 cores, despite being unable to match Intel’s basic clock rate. However, the importance of base clock rate is waning as more and more programmes are being optimized for multithreaded processors and can get more performance from each core.

RAM memory central to a smooth gaming experience

To really squeeze every last pixel out of your Gaming PC Bundle, a minimum of 16 GB DDR4 RAM is recommended. But it’s not just about the size of your RAM, the speed is also important. A clock rate of at least 2400 MHz (as delivered by a DDR4-2400) is recommended to deliver the performance your PC is capable of. The RAM, which is also known as main memory, is responsible for the fast processing of applications, which means it is susceptible to being overburdened. Installing a brand name RAM is crucial to its lifespan, which is why Megaport only utilize the brand name components in our Gaming PCs. The current recommended standard for a Gaming PC is DDR4 RAM, for speedy loading times and stutter free gaming.  

Conclusion: Perfect Hardware for the perfect Gaming PC Bundle.

To be able to really enjoy the upcoming gaming highlights, you should choose your components wisely when putting together your PC.

  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Graphics card: GTX 1070 / GTX 1080 or Radeon RX 580 / RX Vega
  • Processor: minimum Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5
  • For the ultimate gaming experience: Intel i7 CPU or Ryzen 7 CPU
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4 brand name memory.
  • Mainboard: Brand name producers such as ASUS, MSI or Gigabyte
  • 24 inch monitor in Full HD resolution 1920x1080 ASUS or Samsung
  • Gaming mouse and keyboard

This configuration will set you up for years to come so you can fully dedicate yourself to taking on the latest titles. Megaport is an expert producer of Gaming PCs, so you can rest assured that when you purchase with Megaport, that you will receive hardware of the highest quality. Our Gaming PC Bundles are designed and assembled by our trained experts. Leave your worries about upgrading behind and experience your games in a whole new quality. Experience the superiority of our PCs for yourself and order a Gaming PC Bundle today.

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