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Gaming PC Intel i7 Nightfighter I

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Gaming PC Intel i7 Nightfighter I: Maximum gaming quality

The Intel Core i7 NIGHTFIGHTER I Gaming PC was developed with ambitious gamers in mind. The reliable gaming system takes on all current games with ease. The NIGHTFIGHTER I is optimally configured to enjoy all games and applications uncompromisingly and absolutely stutter-free. Because we only install high-quality, brand name components from reputable producers, you will be able to enjoy this Gaming PC for a long time to come.

High-quality components


Intel© Core™ i7-9700K8x 3.6 GHz


16 GB RAMDDR4-3000

Graphics card:



480 GBSolid State Drive


1 TB storage

Power Supply

600Watt brand name power supply


Windows 10 64-bitASUS Wi-Fi card

Features in detail

Case: AZZA Inferno 310
Processor: Intel Core i7-9700K 8x 3600 MHz
Cooler: EKL Alpenföhn Ben Nevis
Mainboard: Z390
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB
Memory: 16GB DDR4-3000
HDD: 1TB Toshiba
DVD-Drive: DVD-Burner 22x
Power Supply: 600 Watt brand name power supply
Fan 3x AZZA Hurricane RGB Lite LED Fans, 120 mm
Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit preinstalled
Wi-Fi: ASUS Wi-Fi card type 802.11b/g/n for wireless internet connection

Functional and stylish case with RGB lighting

The Inferno 310 case from AZZA is set apart by its superb cooling properties and high-quality manufacturing. Its rounded-off edges, side panel of genuine tempered glass and the cool mesh design on the front are bound to win over any gamer. In addition, the dust filter provides durable protection for all internal components. To top it off, the AZZA Inferno 310 has an integrated RGB lighting which can be adapted to suit your taste.


RGB Lighting: Style your gaming PC

Your new gaming PC will be individual and unique thanks to RGB lighting. Choose your favourite colour and change it at any time. Let the inner workings of your gaming PC shine - for a wonderful gaming ambience and a magnificent presentation of the components.

Top airflow for optimal cooling

Stylish design meets the best cooling properties. The AZZA case is set apart by its superb cooling properties and high-quality manufacturing. Be inspired - transform your gaming PC into an individual design object!


Ultrafast performance thanks to an SSD

Smooth gameplay in all games and shortened loading times thanks to a high-quality SSD. Reduced energy consumption and data access times bring every gamer an optimal speed boost. With new SSD technology, experience an astonishing performance advantage through accelerated access times to all saved data. Experience for yourself the advantages of vastly accelerated loading and response times, as nothing is more irritating than annoying, burdensome stuttering.




Game with more vibrant graphics thanks to the power of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Unsurpassed performance and fluent gameplay for all your favourite games in very high graphics settings. The ultimate configuration to process demanding textures in the highest graphics settings. Get fluent, stutter-free graphics for carefree, gaming joy. This way, you will experience the most exciting battles and breathtaking races in an unprecedented brilliance - entirely judder and lag-free. Thanks to many of the most innovative features and technologies you can enjoy A.I. enhanced images of the highest quality, real-time ray tracing, and razor-sharp picture display in 4K resolution. Always get the best out of your gaming PC system. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER graphics card with large, ultrafast video storage is a highlight for gamers. The revolutionary NVIDIA graphics cards deliver maximum graphics performance, particularly for 3D games, guaranteeing the ultimate gaming experience.



Intel Core I7-9700K for the high-demand gaming

The eight-core CPU of the latest generation is one of the most cutting edge processors on the market and is technologically state of the art, doing justice to even the most demanding tasks. This means that you will be able to enjoy your gaming PC and reach your full gaming potential for years to come. Experience masterful technology that fulfils the wishes of every gaming expert. Always be one step ahead of your opponent. With Turbo Boost technology, the clock speed of the processor is increased to deal with demanding workloads. The processor automatically adapts its performance to the required workload. More power for full gaming enjoyment. Energy-saving and gentle on resources. The ideal combination for every usage.



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