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Gaming PC Intel i7 Gunship

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Gaming PC Intel Core i7 GUNSHIP: High performance – low price

Megaport presents the Gaming PC Intel Core i7 GUNSHIP – an unbeatable Gaming PC for an unbelievable price. Equipped with the Intel Core i7 processor of the 10th generation and the cutting edge NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, this PC offers a price/performance ratio that is almost too good to believe. A cheap Gaming PC that packs a real performance punch.

The Intel Core i7-10700F and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 – the perfect team

This particular combination offers the features of the latest CPU and GPU technology with breaking the bank. The Core i7 of Intel’s 9th generation brings all of the goodness of the latest Coffee Lake architecture, for a modest price. The i7-9700 features Hyperthreading technology, meaning that it can utilize more capacity from each of its 8 cores, offering up to 8 threads. With a base clock speed of 2.9 GHz, accelerating up to 4.8 GHz in Turbo Mode, no opponent will be too quick for you.

Perfectly complementing this powerful CPU is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. Based on cutting edge Turing architecture, the RTX 2060 delivers graphical technology that other graphics chips can only dream of, such as real time ray tracing and  A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) enhanced graphics. The generous, 6GB GDDR 6 V-RAM will ensure that complex textures load quickly, so that your gaming experience is smooth and fluent.

Gigabyte Motherboard and other components

The name Gigabyte is a guarantee for the highest standards. We include Gigabyte hardware in this Gaming PC for longevity and quality. To increase the lifespan of your motherboard and hardware, we include shielded capacitators to protect your PC from voltage peaks.

The crystal clear eight channel sound chip delivers realistic sound effects, to deliver that sought after immersive gameplay. In addition, the high-quality Gigabyte motherboard features Gigabit LAN, four SATA3 ports and two USB 3.0 interfaces.

With 16GB of DDR4 memory, you'll be ready for even the most memory intensive applications. Gigabyte works with nearly all manufacturers of DDR4 memory to provide the best possible compatibility. A 1TB hard drive will provide ample space to store an extensive games and media library.

Customize your Gaming PC with Megaport

At Megaport, we do our best to tick all the boxes when designing our PC configurations. But we know that Gamers know best which configuration will suit their needs. No need to compromise - with our Online PC Configurator you can quickly and easily adapt the Intel Gunship I to your personal preferences. Our competent, expert support team are here to help along the way.


Dive deep into the gaming world with our Gunship!

An extremely powerful multicore CPU from Intel represents the potent and future-proof computing center of your Gunship. Paired with a solid graphics card from NVIDIA, you can finally dive into unforgettable gaming adventures of superlatives and take care of your wallet at the same time! Plenty of fast RAM and a huge SSD power your system and don't leave any bottlenecks that would slow down the performance of this high-tech machine. Thanks to a very good cooling and the high-quality RGB case with good airflow, your components never run too hot and you are perfectly prepared for extra-long gaming sessions with your new Gunship!

With Windows ready to go!

When you order an operating system from us, we install and activate it directly on your system. Afterwards, your configuration is checked by demanding stress tests to guarantee the full functionality of your gaming PC. When your new companion arrives at your home, all you have to do is unpack it, plug it in and the fun can begin!

Your dream PC!

If you are missing something in this setup, you can simply fall back on our PC configurator. With it, you can easily create your very own system according to your wishes. The live compatibility check of the configurator ensures the selection of components that match the preselected components and are of course currently available from us. If you have any further questions about your new gaming PC, you can always contact our competent in-house support team, which will help you with words and deeds.


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