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Gaming PC Intel i7 12700KF Ampere

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Gaming PC Intel Core i7-11700K Ampere with the all new GeForce RTX3070 Ti 8GB

This combination of the fast Intel Core 11th generation i7 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card is the perfect basis for a powerful gaming PC. The Intel Core i7 is powerful enough to get maximum performance out of the NVIDIA RTX 3070, delivering breathtaking, immersive gameplay like you’ve never experienced it before. This Gaming PC is aimed at those Gamers competing on the highest levels and taking on the most demanding games of the moment. Be inspired by the stunning graphics power and play on a whole new level, thanks to Intel and NVIDIA.

The Intel Core i7-11700K is always in the fast lane

At Megaport we configure our PCs to get the maximum performance out of each component. The Intel Core i7-11700K CPU of the strong 10th generation is the perfect foundation for the ultimate, high performance Gaming PC. Its eight cores run with a base clock frequency of 3.6 GHz, accelerating to an incredible 5.0 GHz with the help of Turbo Boost technology. The high quality manufacturing of Intel processors guarantees longevity, as does the impressive cooling potential. With this strong processor as the core of your Gaming PC, you’ll be able to take on the toughest games in the highest graphics settings.

A dream come true, the all new Geforce RTX 3070 Ti

The mere mention of a new graphics card from NVIDIA’s RTX series sets gamers’ pulses racing. A generous 8GB extremely fast GDDR6X graphics memory will ensure that even the most complex textures load at lightning-speed, generating smoother, more fluent gameplay in 4k UHD settings. The RTX 30 series graphics cards are based on innovative Ampere architecture, which features real-time ray tracing, the physically accurate rendering of light paths, generating life-like explosions and reflections. New shading techniques increase the detail in your games so you can experience intricate gaming worlds as the makers intended. You can also activate DLSS and get fluent framerates even in 8k. Get ready for the best picture gaming ever had.

Equipped with 1 TB M.2 SSD and 16 GB DDR4 RAM Memory

Thanks to the inclusion of an M.2 SSD you will experience an immense reduction in loading and access times. The system will start much more quickly and your applications will run more smoothly. An SSD functions similarly to a USB stick; by eliminating mechanical drive elements, the data exchange rate is increased significantly. This Gaming PC is kitted out with an extra-large 500 GB M.2 SSD to ensure that your system works as fast as you do. To support this, we include an ultrafast 16 GB DDR4-3200 RAM. Meanwhile, a generous 2 TB hard drive will offer ample space to support an extensive games and media library.

Customize your Gaming PC

At Megaport, we do our best to tick all the boxes when designing our PC configurations. But we know that Gamers know best which configuration will suit their needs. No need to compromise - with our Online PC Configurator you can quickly and easily adapt the Hunter to your personal preferences. Our competent, expert support team are here to help along the way.


Megaport Pro Gaming PC Ampere: The beauty and the beast united!

Are you looking for a gaming beast that's a sight to behold? With this configuration you get perfectly matched hardware in grandiose looks! Current games of any genre are no challenge for the Ampere and also for the next years you are well equipped to enjoy your favorite titles with maximum performance! On top of that, we have also given the premium components a beautiful home. The modern and timeless design of the tower with a tempered glass side window, which gives you deep insights into the fascinating world of gaming technology, makes your Pro Gaming PC a real highlight in every gaming room. This combination of excellent performance and a beautiful look make the Ampere an indispensable companion on your adventures.

A visual highlight - The RGB water cooling

The Corsair Hydro Series iCUE H60i RGB Pro XT leaves nothing to be desired! The high-quality water cooling with separate temperature sensor always reliably keeps your processor at low temperatures and also looks great! Through the iCUE software from Corsair, you can also customize the illumination of the cooling head individually to your imagination.

All components could be modified!

If you want to change the setup in detail, you always have the option with us! Simply select a different component at the top in the configurator. The system automatically pays attention to the compatibility of the components. Thus, you can comfortably assemble your own Dream-Machine without having to think about the deeper technical connections.


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