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Gaming PC Intel i5 DDR5 Phantom

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100% Gaming with the Phantom

Are you ready to experience your favourite games and the latest releases in breathtaking graphical quality? You need look no further than the Intel Core i5 Phantom. First-class hardware and outstanding performance are the best foundations for you to reach your gaming potential. This configuration can take on any of the latest hit titles, and it highly future-proof so you will be able to tackle the demanding games of the future, too.

Pure processing power with the latest Intel Core i5

Intel has been inspiring gamers for decades with their high-quality processors. The Phantom is equipped with an Intel Core i5-10600K processor from Intel’s latest 10th generation. A total of 6 cores and a snappy base clock frequency of 4.1 GHz ensure that all tasks are executed in an instant. To deal with heavier workloads, this PC has a turbo boost frequency of 4.8 GHz so that you always have enough power, even for the most intense gaming sessions.

Into battle with the RX 6800 graphics card

This gaming PC is kitted out with one of AMD’s latest and most advanced GPUs, delivering astonishingly realistic and breathtakingly immersive graphics performance. The RX series features innovative technologies, delivering astonishingly rich gaming detail. 8GB graphics memory ensures that textures load at lightning speed, guaranteeing silky-smooth, fluent gameplay. With an AMD RX 6800 GPU, you won’t just play your games, you will experience them.

Crucial M.2 SSD

Gaming takes up a lot of memory and insufficient capacity can impact your performance. The Phantom is equipped with a 500GB Crucial M.2 SSD and delivers lightning-quick system starts and game loading times, while providing ample space for all of your games and other data. This PC offers the ideal mix of quick processing and storage capacity.

That proper, gamer look

A powerful PC deserves a worthy home, so we have chosen the Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 to house this configuration. This case features impressive cooling properties as well as a stylish appearance. The front panel is air-permeable, allowing good airflow and ventilation for your system. This is supported by the Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 which directs the airflow from the front to the back, where warm air can escape. Good cooling improves the performance and the longevity of your machine. Without RGB and a side windows this gaming case embraces the darkness, like a Phantom should, and creates a pleasant gaming atmosphere.


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