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Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7 Super Helix

PC Konfigurator


AMD’s latest Ryzen 3000 series, for serious gamers

The heart of a PC is the processor, and a heart as strong as this promises outstanding computing performance. This octa-core CPU of the hot-off-the-press AMD Ryzen 7 3000 series delivers a base clock rate of 3.60 GHz, accelerating to a snappy 4.40 GHz in turbo mode, so it can cope with any challenging workload you throw at it. Not just ultrafast, this processor is also efficient. Thanks to Simultaneous Multithreading Technology (SMT), this CPU has excellent multitasking capabilities, able to take on up to 16 threads at once. It keeps its energy usage well in check with a TDP of just 65 watts. AMD are back and prove yet again that outstanding performance can be delivered at an unbeatable price.

The wonder of Ampere – now with even better performance

The highlight of this PC configuration is without a doubt the NVIDIA graphics card. Released in late 2020, the GeForce RTX 3000er series delivers the all the glory of Ampere architecture, but even faster thanks to 12GB V-RAM. The generous graphics memory will ensure that your game play is fluent and smooth, as even the most complex textures load quickly. Experience the wonder of next generation graphics, today, such as Artificial Intelligence enhanced graphics, real time ray tracing and innovative shading technology, for breathtakingly realistic, immersive gameplay.

Generous memory capacity for maximal Gaming performance

Insufficient memory can compromise the performance of your Gaming PC, so it’s important to get it right so that nothing stands in the way of defeating your enemies. This PC is kitted out with a generous 16 GB brand name RAM, ensuring that your PC operates lightning fast. An additional 480 GB SSD accelerates system start and game loading times, so that you never again waste precious gaming time waiting for things to load. An SSD functions similarly to a USB – thanks to a lack of moving mechanical parts, data transfer is lightning quick and reliable. Finally, we include a whopping 1 TV HDD hard drive to securely store all of your games and an extensive media library. All of our components are by trusted, brand name manufacturers, so you can rest assured that your hardware will continue to serve you for years to come.

Optimal cooling to ensure longevity

Future proof hardware has the capacity to take on the top titles for years to come, therefore it’s important to keep it cooled, to ensure a long lifespan. The Brocken ECO Advanced CPU cooler by Alpenföhn is innovatively designed for ultimate cooling capacity. The 120 mm Wing Boost 3 fan is aerodynamically designed to guarantee the higher airflow, despite the blades rotating slower, delivering more effective heat dissipation. This is supported by triple AZZA hurricane fans with RGB LED illumination, so you can set the mood and create the perfect Gamer ambience.

Your Gaming PC, your way. Customize your Megaport Gaming PC

 At Megaport, we do our best to tick all the boxes when designing our PC configurations. But we know that Gamers know best which configuration will suit their needs. No need to compromise - with our Online PC Configurator you can quickly and easily adapt the Super Helix to your personal preferences. Our competent, expert support team are here to help along the way.


The Super Helix: The gaming beast

The heart of a PC is the processor. And such a powerful heart promises outstanding computing performance. This processor is not only ultra-fast, but also efficient and capable of handling any demanding workload. The highlight of this PC configuration is undoubtedly the NVIDIA graphics card. The generous graphics memory ensures that your game can be played smoothly, as even the most complex textures are loaded quickly. But the other components are also impressive! The RGB memory provides excellent support for the performance of your components and a huge M.2 SSD ensures blazing fast load times and enough space for all your favorite games! All for stunningly realistic and immersive gameplay!

Windows pre-installed

When you order a Windows license from us, we install it right on your system. Through our Gold Partnership with Windows you can be sure that you get only original software from us! So you only have to unpack the PC after receipt, connect it and the wild ride can begin quite carefree!

A different component? No problem!

Through the PC configurator with live compatibility check you are able to choose your components freely! So don't worry: We only offer you components that work together. So you can make the Super Helix your very own gaming PC and have a huge choice! And if you still have questions about your setup, don't hesitate to contact our competent in-house support team. With us, you always benefit from many years of experience and the best service!


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