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Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7 Blackstone

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Unbeatable performance. Unbelievable price.

Great PC systems start with great cases, and the Carbide series by trusted, brand name manufacturer Corsair offers an excellent range of features in a compact Gaming Case. Easy access, plenty of expansion space and superior cooling performance make this Gaming Case a great choice for building high-performance PCs that don't take up much room. This model is equipped with large 120mm fans that provide excellent airflow to keep all PC components optimally cooled. A large windowed side panel offers a good view of your internal hardware, making it easier than ever to show off to your friends.

The AMD RYZEN 7 3700X: A powerful and efficient multicore processor

AMD is back with a new and improved second generation of the already excellent ZEN architecture. The 12nm architecture delivers a speed and efficiency boost compared to previous generations. The Ryzen 7 3700X delivers a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz over 8 cores, accelerating to 4.4 GHz in turbo mode, so your processor will be able to deal with any challenging workload you throw at it. Thanks to Simultaneous Multithreading Technology (SMT), this processor also has excellent multitasking capabilities, able to handle up to 16 threads at once. This way, the computing workload is optimally distributed over your cores for maximum performance. AMD’s unbeatably competitive pricing keep this PC affordable for gamers, whilst still delivering formidable performance.

A real gem: the RTX 3070 graphics card

A stand out feature of this excellent Gaming PC is the RTX 3070 graphics chip. This GPU delivers cutting edge PC graphics technology, such as 4K Ultra High Definition Resolution, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) at playable framrates. HDR expands the picture colour and contrast range so that your graphics are sharper, more colourful and more vivid than you have ever experienced. This graphics card will deliver a crystal clear picture quality, for that all important immersive gaming experience. Experience your games in breathtaking detail, just as the makers intended.

With an SSD your system will run multiple times faster

A gamer can never have enough memory capacity. This PC is kitted out with an additional 500 GB M.2 SSD (Solid State Drive), to really fire up your Gaming PC system. Thanks to its lack of moving mechanical parts, the M.2 SSD guarantees reliable, lightning quick data exchange and the speedy system starts. Application and game loading times are also considerably reduced and stuttering is a thing of the past with an M.2 SSD in your Gaming PC configuration. To optimize your PC’s performance even more, we equip it with a generous 16 GB 3200Mhz G.skill DDR4 RAM and a 1 TB hard drive for your extensive games and media library, so that your PC can take on any game and challenge your throw at it.

Make it yours. Customize your Megaport Gaming PC

At Megaport, we do our best to tick all the boxes when designing our PC configurations. But we know that Gamers know best which configuration will suit their needs. No need to compromise - with our Online PC Configurator you can quickly and easily adapt the Blackstone to your personal preferences. Our competent, expert support team are here to help along the way.


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