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Gaming PC AMD Inspector II

PC Konfigurator


AMD Ryzen 3 – streamlined and affordable

This cleverly-configured gaming PC delivers high-speed, streamlined performance for entry-level gaming that you won’t have to pay through the nose for. The Inspector II is equipped with a quad-core processor with integrated graphics, so you don’t have the extra cost of an additional graphics card. Whether you are looking for a reliable companion for streaming and surfing, or you want to awaken the gamer inside of you, this PC offers an irresistible price/performance ratio.

Extra-large storage capacity – perfect for storing hundreds of photos

Memory capacity can have a significant impact on your PC’s performance. To keep your PC and programmes running quickly, we include a generous 16 GB DDR4 RAM. A 1TB HDD hard drive offers ample space to take care of all of your movies, games, music and pictures. A 120 GB SSD is also on board to give your entire system a speed boost. An SSD has the benefit of no moving mechanical parts so it can deliver lightning-quick data transfer speeds. Feel the benefit of significantly faster system starts and game loading times with an SSD in your configuration.

Make it yours. Customize your Megaport Gaming PC

At Megaport, we do our best to tick all the boxes when designing our PC configurations. But we know that Gamers know best which configuration will suit their needs. No need to compromise - with our Online PC Configurator you can quickly and easily adapt the Inspector II to your personal preferences. Our competent, expert support team are here to help along the way.


The Inspector II: Your entry into gaming!

To get a good start into the gaming world at a reasonable price, the Inspector II is an excellent choice! A solid multi-core processor with decent performance and a graphics card from NVIDIA are the most important core elements. With this, you can play games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Countersrike or League of Legends without any problems! But this PC also masters all multimedia and office applications with flying colors! So you get a real all-rounder in your house. And that for little money!

Aplenty of memory!

Of course, you'll also get plenty of fast memory to run all your applications quickly. The generous hard drive offers you plenty of storage space for all games, movies, music and pictures, so you don't have to make any compromises in terms of storage capacity. Further acceleration is provided by the nimble SSD, which gives you an extra-fast system startup and minimizes your loading times!

Customize with ease!

If you want to have a specific component in your PC, then you can use our PC configurator with live compatibility check. This offers you available components that fit into your current system. So you don't have to worry about something not working. If you also order Windows from us, we will install the original operating system directly on your fastest hard drive and then put your new companion through its paces. When the PC arrives, all you have to do is unpack, plug in and start having fun!


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