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Megaport Gaming Laptop: Maximum mobility – top performance – affordable prices

Modern Gaming Laptops are in no way inferior to their older brother, the Desktop Gaming PC. Gaming Notebooks deliver equally good gaming performance and can easily master any game. However, Gaming Laptops have the decisive advantage of mobility and flexibility. Game wherever and whenever you want with a Megaport Laptop for Gaming.

Gaming Laptops and Gaming Notebooks are growing in popularity

Even the most demanding gamers and savvy eSports players are increasingly turning to Gaming Laptops. And with good reason – Laptops for Gaming have long since caught up with the performance of their desktop siblings and are now on equal footing to them. If gaming takes up a lot of your free time, and you want a gaming experience worth the time you invest in it, then a Megaport Gaming Laptop is the choice for you. For maximum gaming performance on the go, an Intel Core i7 processor is recommended, which is why we install the Intel Core i7-8750H in our Laptops for Gamers. This way, you too can benefit from Intel’s many years’ experience and their outstanding quality standards. The Intel Core i7-8750H is a six core processor, which means it consists of six computing cores, and allows the processing of up to 12 threads. This processor boasts a super speedy clock rate of 4.10 GHz in turbo mode, which is already in the waters of High End Gaming. Order your new Gaming Laptop for the ultimate gaming experience wherever you are.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX Power for Gaming Laptops – Enjoy ray tracing graphics even on the go!

To get the graphics performance necessary to play top titles such as The Witcher 3, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Tomb Raider or Wolfenstein in high graphics settings, a high performance NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060 graphics card is required. This graphics card offers 6 GB GDDR6 Video RAM and, together with an Intel processor, can handle any gaming title in Full HD. With a NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card in your Gaming Laptop, you can even enjoy cutting edge real time ray tracing technology on the go.

Future proof Gaming Laptops for any occasion

Even the fastest processors and graphics cards will do no good unless they are supported by a sufficient buffer, such as a 16 GB DDR4 RAM. The DDR4 technology ensures an ultrafast data exchange in your new Gaming Laptop.  If you need your Gaming Laptop to work even faster, then an SSD is highly recommended. An SSD will considerably speed up the working speed of your operating system and dramatically reduced the loading times of your games. Jump into a fantastic gaming adventure.  

Get a Gaming Laptop in the size that suits you

We offer both 15” and 17” Laptops for Gamers. This is the standard choice when buying a laptop. But which size is best suited to your needs? Are you looking for a cheap Gaming Laptop for easy transportation, or a larger Gaming Notebook suitable for the longest gaming sessions? A 15” laptop is certainly sufficient for most applications. Their compact size means that they offer the perfect combination of mobility, flexibility and gaming performance. 15” laptops are by far the most popular and are affordably priced. While the screen is still large enough to offer a comfortable gaming experience, 15” laptops are still light enough to be easily transported. Perfect if you are looking for a cheap Gaming Laptop to regularly take to school, university or work.

However, we also offer 17” Laptops for Gamers who are looking for a desktop replacement and rarely move their laptops. A 17” laptop is generally the better option, as a larger screen is much easier on the eyes - important for Gamers who enjoy longer gaming sessions. On the other hand, a larger display consumes more power and as a rule, a 17” laptop is best suited to those high end gamers with more powerful hardware. Don’t forget to take the battery life and capacity of your Gaming Laptop into consideration!

Laptops for Gamers – suitable for every level of gaming

If you want to experience the top gaming titles in all their glory, then you no longer need to be chained to your Desktop PC at home. Laptops for Gaming are an exciting alternative for gaming on the go. Whether you are a hardcore gamer requiring top performance, or an entry level gamer needing a cheap Gaming Laptop that is easily transportable, you will find your perfect Laptop for Gaming. If you don’t like your gaming experience to be confined to one place, then one of our Laptops for Gaming offers you the freedom that you need. Particularly for students, who need their laptop for school or university, but also like to switch off by diving into a fantasy gaming world, will benefit from the flexibility offered by Megaport Laptops for Gamers. Whether you are on campus, in your room or at home for holidays, a fantastic gaming adventure is always at hand. Or perhaps you like to get together with friends to experience breathtaking battles and exhilarating races together? With our Laptops for Gamers you can game anywhere you want, whenever you want, and with whoever you want. Once you have experienced the freedom offered by a Gaming Laptop you will never look back.

Insider tip: save energy with Megaport Laptops for Gaming

For Gamers who don’t need their Gaming Laptops for intensive tasks, here are some tips to reduce output in order to get more battery life from your Laptop for Gaming.

- for systems with hybrid GPU: go to the control panel of the graphics card and select the power-saving "integrated graphics" as preferred GPU

- Change from "Balanced" or "Maximum power" to "Power saver" in the energy options of the laptop control panel.

- adjust the individual energy options manually if necessary

- reduce standby time and display brightness

- Disconnect unused external devices

Follow these tips to squeeze as much life of your battery as possible, so you don’t have to spend as much time chained to a power source. However, it must also be remembered that overclocking (if the Gaming Notebook allows it) will use a lot of battery power.


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