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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  • General/pre-purchase
    • Can I customize my PC to suit my own needs/preferences?

      Many of our PCs can be customized using our online configuration tool. Simply click on the respective component or the "change" button. PCs without this button cannot be modified.

    • Does the PC come assembled, or do I have to put it together myself?

      You PC will come assembled, exactly as you configured it using our Custom PC Builder.

    • Does my PC come with a monitor, mouse and keyboard included?

      Our PC bundles come with a mouse, keyboard and monitor included. You can deselect these components using our configuration tool if you don't need them. Our normal Gaming PCs do not come with peripherals included. Should you require them, they can be added to your configuration using our handy, online tool. If you custom-build your PC from scratch, then you can choose to add peripherals, but they aren't automatically included in your order.

    • How do I know which games I can run?

      This depends on the system requirements of the respective game. Compare the recommended system requirements of the game (Google search: name of the game + system requirements) with the configuration of the PC you wish to order. If the configuration of the PC is higher than the specified system requirements, the game will run smoothly on the PC.

    • How can I find out how many FPS (Frames per Second) my graphics card will produce when running certain games?

      A helpful tip is to search the internet for videos of the respective game being played using the respective graphics card. This should give you a good impression of how well your graphics card will run your games.

    • Can I connect my PC with Wi-Fi?

      Desktop PCs can't automatically be attached to the internet like a laptop. You must select a Wi-Fi adaptor for your PC to be able to connect. You can do this easily with our hand online PC configuration tool.

  • Returns
    • How can I complain about an article?

      Should your PC, a hardware component, peripheral device or other accessory be defective, please contact our support by email at


      What information do we need for a complaint?

      To enable us to process your inquiry as quickly as possible, we need the following information from you:

      • Customer or invoice number (this can be found on the invoice)
      • Completed service request form
      • First name and surname of the invoice recipient
      • Full address
    • How can I return an item?

      You can return an item within 14 days of receiving the parcel. You are entitled to this cancellation period by law. If you return your item within 14 days you do not have to give a reason. Please contact us via email at


      What information do we need for a return?

      To enable us to process your request as quickly as possible, we need the following information from you:

      • Customer or invoice number (this can be found on the invoice)
      • First name and surname of the invoice recipient
      • Full address
    • Damage during shipment

      Our PCs are double packed and well padded. Nevertheless, damage may occur during transport. Please check all ordered items for damage, such as dents, scratches, broken parts, bent corners, etc. when you receive your order. The outer packaging can occasionally be completely undamaged, although parts are damaged inside.

      Please report any damage to our support team within 7 days of receipt of the goods. Include images and a short description of the damage in an email to

    • What does it cost to return my item?

      Returns are free of charge with Megaport. We will provide a prepaid postage label, which you can print out and affix to your parcel. Please ensure that your item is suitably packed so that it does not get damaged on the way back to us. Your packet can be dropped off at any Post Office branch.

    • How to I correctly pack my device for return?

      Ideally, you should repack your item as it arrived in the original packaging with the enclosed polystyrene supports. If you no longer have the original packaging, please pack the PC carefully in a cardboard box so that no damage occurs during transit. Please make sure that it is well cushioned with egg cartons, blankets, bubble wrap, etc. Otherwise, the PC could get damaged on its way back.

  • Shipment
    • When will my PC arrive? How long does shipment take?

      Shipping to the United Kingdom normally takes up to 5 working days, once we have recieved your payment.

    • Can I track my parcel?

      You will usually receive an automatic email with a DHL link containing your tracking number. You will also find the tracking number in your customer account.

    • How much does shipment cost?

      Delivery to the U.K. costs £19. Your item is delivered by DHL.

  • Warranty
    • What are my statutory rights?

      Please visit Cancellation for more information.

    • Can I open the PC?

      Our computers are not sealed, so you may open the PC. Please make sure that you do not cause any mechanical damage (bending, scratching, breaking, etc.). Mechanical damage caused by you is not covered by the warranty. However, you may disconnect and plug in cables and hardware.

    • Can I upgrade my system?

      You may upgrade your system. However, any new parts are not covered by your warranty. We will also not cover the costs of any new hardware. Damage caused through upgrading (e.g. installing components that do not fit, mechanical damage) is also not covered by our warranty.

    • Can I overclock my system?

      Incorrect BIOS settings and damaged caused by these settings are excluded from the warranty. This includes if you overclock your PC.

    • Are software errors covered by the warranty?

      We cannot accept any liability for software errors. Before you send your PC back to us for repair, please try reinstalling windows first, to see if this resolves the issue.

  • Troubleshooting/Hardware questions
    • I have set up my PC but I'm still not getting a picture signal. What can I do?

      It is possible that you have connected the monitor to the disabled video card (onboard VGA port - found at the top of the motherboard) Please disconnect the PC from the power supply and connect the monitor to the lower connector port (the actual graphics card). Generally, every PC with an external graphics card comes with instructions on how to correctly connect the monitor.

    • My PC isn't starting or is displaying an error. What can I do?

      You have a 24 month warranty period on your PC system including the components. During this period and beyond, we are always there to help and support you.

      You can reach us by email at Please include your customer, invoice or order number in your message or email so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

  • Questions about Windows
    • I have purchased a PC Bundle with Windows license. Where can I find the license code if I want to reinstall Windows later?

      With Windows 10, you no longer need to enter the license number to reinstall unless you have replaced basic hardware such as the mainboard. After the license has been activated for the first time, it is stored online by Microsoft and is saved for your PC configuration. This makes it possible to reinstall Windows without entering the license after a software error caused by a data carrier (DVD or USB stick). As soon as the newly installed Windows connects to the Internet for the first time, it is automatically reactivated unless basic hardware, such as the mainboard, has been replaced. We recommend that you set up a Microsoft account and transfer the license to it so that you can access it later (even if you change your hardware). If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service at

  • Technical questions
    • My games are slow, or aren't loading. What can I do?

      Sometimes it helps to install the latest graphics drivers. These can usually be found on the manufacturer's page (AMD or Nvidia). You will find more information on your invoice.

    • I'm not getting any Wi-Fi or internet connection

      Desktop PCs do not have Wi-Fi connectivity by default (except PCs equipped with High-End motherboards.) There are two ways to connect your PC to the internet:

      • connecting directly to the router via Ethernet cable (LAN). This offers the best connection because it is stable and low ping).
      • connecting via a powerline network is also possible (a wired network that runs across you mains electricity).
      • of course, connecting via Wi-Fi is also a possibility, using an internal Wi-Fi adaptor or an external USB stick.
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