About Us - Information about Megaport

A trusted, European manufacturer of PC systems, we are the first port of call for anyone looking for an individualised PC system. Whether a solid companion for daily office use or a state of the art gaming rig, our product range is as diverse as our customers.

In 2006, Megaport was founded by our current managing director. Then a one-man-company, our PC systems were configured and assembled in a 40m² room. Since our foundation, we have continuously developed and grown into a medium-sized company, operating throughout Europe, successful in Germany, France, Austria and Italy.

We love what we do. Our technical know-how and our attention to detail are reflected in every one of our PC systems. Positive feedback from our more than 100,000 satisfied customers motives us to continue developing powerful PC systems, optimally tailored to our customers’ needs.


Do you need help configuring your customized PC? Do you have questions about your order? We are happy to help!

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